Touring is all about experiences, those of different cultures, environments, food and of course rugby.

For you all I hope that you develop as individuals both on and off the rugby pitches, enriching yourselves through the challenges of playing foreign teams on foreign soil and living the life of a tourist off the pitches – sightseeing, playing, adrenalin searching, training and socialising.

This tour has come about through a huge amount of work from the staff in organising and coaching, the players’ perspective – training, parents’ and sponsors’ support, and the school approach to developing rugby at Warwick School.

This is an opportunity to be taken with both hands and made the most of. Live every moment to its fullest, as a few of you may travel to Australia and New Zealand again but never in the presence of your school peers and team-mates.

The previous tours played a huge role in the development of rugby at Warwick with the 1stXV, 2ndXV and 3rdXV all having excellent seasons following the summer tours. It is an opportunity to forge great friendships between both the year groups and encourage each and every member of the group to get better collectively.

Remember you are representing Warwick School, your families, your country and most importantly yourselves.

Perform your roles as rugby players and tourists with commitment, energy and pride, living every moment to its fullest, returning to Warwick School enriched as young men and rugby players.